Whether a person is moving temporarily or permanently to Qatar, it is important to understand what the Qatar currency is and the existing exchange rates. This knowledge will make it at ease for travelers to convert foreign currencies, such as the United States dollar to Qatar currency. Understanding and having the correct currency in Qatar, will help new residents when looking for an affordable home or apartment to purchase or rent. It is also fundamental for making important financial transactions, such as paying for a commercial rental for one’s new business project.

The official currency in Qatar is the Qatari Riyal. It is accessible in one, five, ten, fifty, one hundred, and five hundred riyal paper banknotes. Although currency may be exchanged at any of the seventeen national and foreign banks in Qatar, one can also exchange currency at the numerous exchange centers that are located in shopping malls or in the area’s larger hotels.

While living in Doha, it is also important to understand Qatar’s banking industry. Opening a bank account is a wise move for anyone who is staying in Qatar for long-term. In order to open up a bank account in Qatar a person must have and present proof that approves they have a sponsor or employment; and requisite to present their residence permit and a statement that verifies a monthly salary that is paid in Qatar currency.

In Qatar, Qatar currency is necessary for making purchases and checks and drafts are extremely rare in Doha in day to day activity and people will need to have access to either banknotes or a credit card and while transaction, public should expect that their store purchases will be rounded off to the nearest riyal. This occurs as dirhams are in limited supply in Qatar.

For shopping, most establishments have a preference for payment in cash over credit. One’s best course of action while shopping and carrying currency in Qatar is to keep a number of smaller riyal on hand for purchases made in shopping malls and other stores.

One of the many benefits of having one’s finances in order and in understanding how to use the currency in Qatar is the ability to use it to buy the things that one desires. Property is often one of these belongings, and our company can help. 3qaratqtr is managed by Sadaf Aldhahabi real estate agency which offers an inclusive range of services such as including rental property and property to buy. 3qaratqtr offers you the best apartments, townhouses, villas, and commercial and residential property in any of Qatar’s major real estate regions. We also offer our clients and future clients the opportunity to browse our real estate offerings online.

Upon moving to Qatar, there are numerous adjustments that will need to be made in order to adapt and adjust. Understanding and using the currency of Qatar is one of the main changes to which one must adjust. Carrying the right currency on hand will help when it comes to making important decisions like buying or renting property.

Though we cannot help you with all of your financial requirements, we can help when it comes to finding and purchasing real estate property in Qatar. Feel free to contact us or your queries.

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